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8:11pm 05-01-2016
john funk III
love the pics
6:13pm 04-26-2016
Put a picture in IM on Facebook for you...222-224 S 3rd. Was ACME, then Wildhagen Machine Company...and then, Wildhagen Machine and Supply. Feel free to add...if I locate anything else, I'll send it your way. Love this site...nice job and I know it is a lot of work.
7:15am 04-23-2016
Sad to see the number of people who are no longer with us.

8:09pm 04-05-2016
Thanks for an informative web site. Are you up dating with more information about individuals listed here?
5:17pm 04-04-2016
Marilyn McCoun--Class of 1959 --alive, well, and kicking (though not very hard or very high). Thanks so much for all the work. Goopd job!
10:32am 04-04-2016
I recently acquired a photo that appears to be the K.C.C.C. & St. J. RY Co. Baseball Championship Team of 1922. It is not in the greatest condition but was hoping you might be able to direct me to someone that could provide information about it. My email is

Thank you
9:17am 04-02-2016
I moved away from St. Joseph many years ago but I just found this site during a wave of nostalgia. Great site. Brought back lots of good memories.
4:33pm 04-01-2016
Much history here.. my mother and her entire family was raised on South Side and graduated from Benton.. was searching for 4 Aces BBQ.. a great bbq pit I use to eat at often.. thanks for the memories..

8:50pm 03-30-2016
Please add Central Class of 1995 we had a lot of classmates that passed that we can add and honor. Thank you.
7:00pm 03-29-2016
If you want you can update Jim Hollands info. He died June 27,2000 of a heart attack. His wife was Sandra (Thomas) Holland and she recently passed last January.
7:17pm 03-28-2016
i am glad to see some of the old buildings & some of the pics of class mates from lafayette
7:09pm 03-28-2016
Great site bro and thank you for the 2 posts. I'll see if I can dig up some more history n pics for you
6:28pm 03-28-2016
Just noticed this website and found 4 deceased friends. I graduated from Savannah High School in 1967 and not a St. Joseph high school, but attended St. Joseph elementary schools.
6:11pm 03-28-2016
Great job, please keep up the good work.
4:14pm 03-28-2016
My wife and I moved away from St Joseph about 4 years ago. I lived there 49 years. There wasn't much left to make me stay. Our community leaders always had a tendency of trying to erase the past. In doing so, they cleared out so many wonderful, beautiful, and strong structures. I so loved seeing these photos of a brillant time in St Joseph's history. She was a grand lady at one time, the 'Queen City of the West'.
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