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7:17pm 03-28-2016
i am glad to see some of the old buildings & some of the pics of class mates from lafayette
7:09pm 03-28-2016
Great site bro and thank you for the 2 posts. I'll see if I can dig up some more history n pics for you
6:28pm 03-28-2016
Just noticed this website and found 4 deceased friends. I graduated from Savannah High School in 1967 and not a St. Joseph high school, but attended St. Joseph elementary schools.
6:11pm 03-28-2016
Great job, please keep up the good work.
4:14pm 03-28-2016
My wife and I moved away from St Joseph about 4 years ago. I lived there 49 years. There wasn't much left to make me stay. Our community leaders always had a tendency of trying to erase the past. In doing so, they cleared out so many wonderful, beautiful, and strong structures. I so loved seeing these photos of a brillant time in St Joseph's history. She was a grand lady at one time, the 'Queen City of the West'.
2:15pm 03-28-2016
Vicki Schneider
Would it be possible, if you know, the location of death? I also wondered where classmates moved to after school.
12:46pm 03-28-2016
Doing a great job......
12:27pm 03-28-2016
Thanks for doing this. I've often wondered what happened to my classmates. I am shocked how many have passed way too soon.
8:27am 03-27-2016
Pam Thompson
I grew up in South St. Joseph. Granddaughter of Ed and Helen Bazan and daughter of Jeannie Bazan Phillips. Graduated from St. James and Bishop LeBlond. This site brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. Great site. Thank you.
8:29pm 03-26-2016
Sorry, but I need to amend my guestbook entry of a few minutes ago:

I would have been in the Central HS class of 1979 (not 1983, my college graduation year). I also wanted to say that I would love to try to find some pictures of Woodbine Baptist Church since it is not now included or represented in the Places of Worship sections (though the "new" Frederick Blvd Baptist *is* included). Woodbine was a long-standing and vibrant church on the east side and deserves to be included. Hopefully I can help do something about that.....
8:21pm 03-26-2016
I lived in St. Joe with my family from Aug 1968 to July 1974. We lived in East Hurst Hills on Safari Drive. I attended Bessie Ellison Elementary (2nd-6th grades) and Bode Middle School (7th grade). I would have been in the Central HS class of 1983.

My father was the pastor at Woodbine Baptist Church on the NE corner of Woodbine Rd. and Frederick Blvd. He spearheaded the name change to Frederick Blvd Baptist and move of the church to its first new location (where Turning Point Church of the Nazarene now is according to Google maps). The church was moved to its second new (and current) location at Frederick and Riverside some years after we left.

I love and have very fond memories of St. Joe and have looked at the STFML website a couple of times, but have never signed the guestbook. Thought I'd better do that to show my support for this great site. Thank you for providing the vision for it and investing the energy to make it happen!
1:45pm 03-24-2016
Added my eMail Address.
1:43pm 03-24-2016
Kenneth Dunn
Born in St.Joseph,Mo - September 19th, 1942
Attended Lafayette High School - Graduated 1960
Graduated St. Joseph Junior College 1962
Graduated the University of Missouri 1965
10:33pm 03-22-2016
Mike Brushwood
Greet site . Thank you.
4:35pm 03-14-2016
3-14-16 Just found this site and I love it! Grew up in St Joe but have been gone nearly 51 years. Still remember seeing a lot of these old buildings but did not know what they were or their history.
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