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5:07pm 06-11-2016
Ismael Cristobal
Awesome page. I'm all about the history of St.Joe
7:44am 06-11-2016
Nice site, really like the memories
12:20am 06-11-2016
Paige Allen
Fabulous site! Thank you
3:32pm 06-10-2016
trudy vannaman nelso
Sorry to hear of your loss
11:47am 06-10-2016
Just happened upon this site, and look forward to checking out all of it.
8:05am 06-10-2016
Southside Junction
Love this site. I would like to share it or like it on the Southside Junction Page on Facebook. This is wonderful. Thank you! Thank you! for doing this!
1:33am 05-22-2016
madi heath
I'm not sure how I came across this website, but I am fascinated. I am young with an old soul, and I think this is amazing. So many people don't care anymore about the history of St. Joe.
2:39pm 05-18-2016
Butch Wilson
Class of is Kirk Brown, not Kurt. Richard Kerns was always Dick, not Richard.
10:11am 05-17-2016
You have got a super good thing going on here and I want to personally Thank You for all the hard work you have done. It is a great job. I hope the next few generations can learn something about this town from your tedious work.
7:01pm 05-12-2016
joanna hodges
Thank you for all your hard work I am a descendant of Roy and Edna Dane, my great grand parents, of Barnard, I had a lot of fun looking through your site and even found some useful info My Grand mother Bessie Lockwwod (Dane) went to nursing school in St. Josephs and even though the school is gone sadly it is parking lot now. But your pictures allowed me to see where she once went to school I give you Thanks for that.
8:54pm 05-07-2016
Maureen Marshall
I am looking for more information on my father & his family. Emmitt (?) Marshall (wife Alberta) my father was Robert 'Bob' Marshall & his brother Quentin. The store was Marshall's Auto Store & Supply on Frederick & my understanding is that their home was up the street from the store. Does anyone know anything about them or information on the store? Time period may have been late 1930's or early 40's. Would appreciate any information. Thank you!
9:40pm 05-04-2016
Matthew Macchietto
Great pictures, sad to see all the beautiful buildings and historic form razed!
8:11pm 05-01-2016
john funk III
love the pics
6:13pm 04-26-2016
Cindy Meyer
Put a picture in IM on Facebook for you...222-224 S 3rd. Was ACME, then Wildhagen Machine Company...and then, Wildhagen Machine and Supply. Feel free to add...if I locate anything else, I'll send it your way. Love this site...nice job and I know it is a lot of work.
7:15am 04-23-2016
Sad to see the number of people who are no longer with us.

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