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12:17pm 03-11-2016
Great site! That is my grandfather, Earl Washington Houp, in the photo of the Rawlings Ice Co., in front of his truck with his name on it. Great history on the company as well.
8:34am 03-05-2016
i love history of st.joe
9:11pm 02-28-2016
Found your website today (2-28-16) and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I grew up on a Q branch in Southern Iowa and all roads seemed to lead to St. Joe. Thanks again for this great compilation of St. Joseph railroads.
3:37pm 02-22-2016
A fascinating social history.
Chris Cobb
1:02pm 02-21-2016
Was looking at the deaths for HS classes 1960, 1961 and 1962. '60 and 61 are a bit over 50 or around 18% of the classes which were around 300. Strangely the class of 1962 lists over a 100 which is very high for the national death rate. And only one was a Vietnam death so that is not a factor. Don't mean to be maudlin but when you reach 73 you kind of watch this stuff :-) We have the 61 reunion later this year and I was wondering who would not be there.
10:14pm 02-20-2016
Thanks for all the memories. As a kid my grandma and I would catch a bus to go down town to shop and eat lunch. Love all the pictures.
7:04am 02-15-2016
I grew up in St. Joe and remember going to the park as a kid. Thanks for the site!
6:10pm 02-06-2016
I grew up in St. Joe and these photos sure bring back a lot of good memories. Been trying to track people down, but it's slow going. Thank you for putting up this site. I have photos from South Park Elementary if you are intereswted.
10:36pm 02-03-2016
Former resident of St Joe
7:15pm 02-01-2016
Thanks for all the interesting things. I'm not good at Facebook, but I have some old grade school pictures and 1950 toy items if you could use pics.
7:55am 02-01-2016
Enjoyed the display! Thanks for sharing!
11:51pm 01-24-2016
Love seeing all the hotels!! Thank you!
8:16pm 01-23-2016
Thanks for the St; Joe hotel info
12:41am 01-22-2016
The Scriptures tell that we are not promised tomorrow. Let me encourage you to Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. So that your eternity of tomorrows is full of Life and Joy
10:27am 01-21-2016
Cliff Harlow
Rest in peace---'63
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