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11:57am 12-10-2016
thank you for your time and dedication to the past. We have come across a lot of our family history, and greatly appreciate your research.
Dawn and Ricky Ray
5:08pm 12-02-2016
any history of the "bank of north st. joseph @ 1928 st. joseph ave."?
12:32pm 11-29-2016
This is amazing, so much history. I just wish that people would understand that these are the things we need to preserve.
4:56am 11-27-2016
I love this page! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put together such wonderful history of our city!
7:45pm 11-26-2016
Grewvup in goose town thanx for the history, )
10:50am 11-26-2016
This awesome history on St Joe.
10:57am 11-22-2016
Loved the walk down memory lane! Thank you.
2:51am 11-19-2016
I'm only 19 and I find it really unfortunate that so many impressive buildings have been removed and fallen into disrepair over the years. I really wish that some of this stuff could come back. Replacing building with parking lots that are unnecessary is so not cool.
3:12pm 11-16-2016
Enjoyed looking at this site. My Dad, Charles F Porter worked for the Burlington Northern (CB&Q) from 1938 till he retired in about 1985. How I loved riding those old trains, and miss them. Thanks for doing such good work with this site. I have a picture of my Dad and a train (forgot the #) that was printed in the St. Joseph newspaper in the early 60's, retiring the train and also have his conductor's hat. My grandfather worked for the railroad (Savannah in later years) also as did other family members from the time RR began
10:35am 11-13-2016
Thanks for the photo's. Too many too soon !
5:20pm 11-05-2016
Was so wonderful seeing the stores i use to go to as a kid, some i don`t remember. Thank u!!
11:17pm 11-04-2016
Dennis Bosch class of Central 1966 died of pancreatic cancer.
He was my older brothers best friend.
10:58pm 11-04-2016
Thank you so much for remembering my brother Michael Hecker. Class of 1969 at Central High School.
He was my brother that got killed in an auto accident on February 22, 1969.
Mike and 3 of his buds were coming back from the Hilltop in Atchison, Ks that Friday night in a brand new 396 Chevelle and going way too fast! 110mph
I am now 62 years old, but still miss him and I was 13 years old when it happened. You are awesome!t
6:56pm 11-02-2016
Tom Herwer
Rick, Thanks for the photo's you have of a house on the corner of 9th and Hall. My grt, grt, grt grandmother lived there from 1900 to 1925. I'm trying to
locate a early photo's of this house when my grandparent's lived there. The house is no longer there and has become a vacant lot. sad to see this.
5:35pm 11-01-2016
Just visited. Sad so many buildings were lost over the years. Still many treasures to save.
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