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10:02am 09-04-2016
What a wonderful trip down memory lane. There are things well remembered & those before my time ... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
8:01am 09-04-2016
Very much appreciated. Thanks!
7:23pm 09-03-2016
You have created a great archive and resource. Thanks for you diligence and hard work preserving St. Joseph history.
12:16pm 08-31-2016
Awesome!!!! Looking for picture's of Neely when it opened in 1908. My house is on the hill behind the old gym doors & has been in my family since the 60's. I would LOVE to find the picture that I've been told exist of my house from 1908 & is shown in the background of Neely's picture.
10:58am 08-03-2016
A fantastic trip back, what a lovely site and collection of images, your site is a great asset and there are far a few between like this, The city where I live doesn't have this kind of thing and if you want to access old images you have to pay for them.

Keep up the hard work.

Best Wishes David Butland
1:16pm 08-02-2016
I really enjoy this site.. My gramma worked at GEECo, my step father worked for SWIFT, and a couple others.. My father worked for Coca-Cola and Chase candy company ( as did my grandfather )
2:00pm 07-25-2016
My grandfather was an engineer on the CB&Q and his first day as an engineer was 12-12-12. His name was Michael Joseph Martin and his son was Connett Sebastian Martin (little Mike). Thanks for the site. Keep it going!
1:28pm 07-25-2016
Phenomenal work and so great that you are sharing it!!! My family includes Scanlon, Martin, Wrinkle, Ryan, Murphy people in St. Joe. I am so thrilled to find your resources online. A million thanks! Kathy Murphy
8:51pm 07-24-2016
I was born in St. Joe and both my parents considered it home. My Grandparents on both sides lived there most of their lives and died there, with my fathers side going much further back. I love reading about the things I remember my parents talking about. Many fond memories of the area while visiting as a child. Thank you !
6:56am 07-24-2016
David Lane
I grew up in St. Joseph and many of the things presented here aroused lots of memories. I left St Joe in 1961 for a military career and now live in Connecticut.
2:42pm 07-22-2016
Interesting site. My father and grandparents are all from St. Joseph, MO. I hope to visit some day to experience life as they knew it and look up grave sites of my ancestors
12:13pm 07-14-2016
Now ....
I have found the total site for St. Joe....My home town..
Love it....Great work.....Thanks!
11:01am 07-14-2016
Really enjoyed seeing what the area looked like before the buildings were torn down. More preservation is a must!!! Thanks for all the work you have done to make these "memories" available to those who have a computer!
WE hope some pictures before and after of Krug Park will be added to this site also!
9:15pm 07-13-2016
Love this site. I barely remember a few of these buildings, and wish they were still around. Thank you.
4:07pm 07-11-2016
Fantastic historical site! Much family connected with St. Joe...Wood working + Swift before WWI-1950's & I will discover so much more thanks to you & all you put into this. I will spend hours appreciating your work. Thank you with high regards.
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