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6:33pm 12-02-2018
Ron Hamm
Pretty Cool site a lot of neat memorabilia .
2:52pm 12-02-2018
Angela Nitti Kunzler
I grew up and spent a huge portion of my life at 6007 king hill ave. Great seeing all the places I remember here. Thank you!
10:34am 11-26-2018
Bill Whittle
brought back lots of great memories of some of the best times of my life. Thanks.
5:08pm 10-16-2018
Linda and Bob Conz
It seems more and more often there are discussions regarding where some business was in the 1960's or what used to be in a certain location. Your site is very helpful and is addicting. Thanks for all you do!
3:59pm 10-12-2018
Wendi Camacho
Thank you for this! I grew up in St Joseph but I was born several years after the park was gone. I heard about it from my Mom. Looks like it was an amazing place. Thank you again for sharing this history.
1:12am 10-11-2018
Bob Von Kaenel
Thank you for this site. I grew up in St Joe but have been in Nebraska for 35 years. I have talked about the beautiful old homes so much that some friends here in Lincoln want me to drive them around there. Your site will be my guide.
2:44pm 10-08-2018
Next should be the grocery stores of St.Joe…………..
4:34pm 10-06-2018
Amy Beth
Great site
12:48am 10-06-2018
Chris pepple
So much history in st Joseph.
I was truly a hustling bustling town at one time.
I grew up there.
Worked at the Missouri theater and city of st. Joseph.
Lived many years in California now.
Great looking back.
Thanks for your hard efforts !!!
10:11am 09-21-2018
Luella Stettler
I love your site. I lived in St Joseph around 1959-1961 and lived next door to a Greenhouse, a swimming pool and next to the railroad tracks. I believe the street was Karnes Road, I am not sure. I have been trying to find an old friend from the 6th grade at Lindberg school. Her name was Patty Wright. She had a brother named Tom. Needless to say I can not find her. I loved your site. I only remember the A&W and going swimming and Krug park. Thank you
12:27pm 09-19-2018
Thomas Mann III
This site brings back so many memories. Thank yhou for the time you have put in this history. Hope you have made plans on how this site can be maintained after those now caring are gone.
6:13am 09-15-2018
John Bowen
I was born in St.Joe in 1944 and moved to KC in 1950. Have been a frequent visitor to my family for many years until my father died in 2000. Love your website. I recognize many areas and buildings. Thank you.
3:59pm 09-14-2018
Nell Johnson
Thank you
12:12pm 08-26-2018
Harold Foddy
Info on Northwest Motor Company maybe a Chandler Dealer early twenties Great Site
5:30pm 08-20-2018
Nelson Self
What a great website. Like what happened to your Union Station, the Frisco Railroad demolished the Springfield, MO passenger depot here with little to no warning. Keep up the good work.
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