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3:12pm 02-24-2020
Thank you, This helped me with my archival film studies essay.
6:53pm 02-20-2020

In his book “Harpo Speaks”, Harpo Marx claims to have had his first “harp lesson” in front of Woolworth’s in St. Joseph:

“On the way from the theater (presumably the Missouri Theater) to the pool room I stopped in my tracks when I saw a display in a ten-cent-store window. In the middle of the display was a framed picture of an angel, sitting on a cloud and playing a harp. What stopped me was the fact that the angel in the picture had the harp leaning against her right, not her left shoulder. Since nobody had ever told me otherwise, I had been playing with mine against the wrong shoulder.

This was my first harp lesson. I switched the instrument to the other side, the right side, and felt a lot more professional. Belated thanks, F.W. Woolworth, for the tip.”

So I was very interested to see the photos of Kresge-Woolworth at 609-611 Felix. Thanks!
8:21pm 01-19-2020
Steve Mann
Excellent photo archive. Thanks for your effort.
10:41pm 12-28-2019
This is such a wonderful site that shows the passion, dedication, and endless hours to display. As a near 70 year old native from St. Joseph every time I look at it fond memories of my home town returns.
10:07pm 11-27-2019
Norman Brosi
My great uncle, Alfred Trachsel, was a partner in Trachsel Motor Company. I recently found a 1951 Company Calendar at an estate sale. Your site yielded more information about their business. thanks!
10:51pm 11-15-2019
Garnett larison
Like the site some good stuff history
7:34pm 11-14-2019
Lyndon Barry
Lots of work putting this together. Thanks
4:10pm 11-06-2019
William Hamilton
I have enjoyed so much your images of theaters in Saint Joseph through the years next question is this... do you have any images of downtown Saint Joseph in the 1950s? I’ve searched everywhere and cannot find but a limited amount of images and would love to see even more! I remember marching in our high school band on Apple Blossom Festival day in May and have fun memories of Saint Joseph in those years ...any help or direction you can give to me in securing images of downtown Saint Joseph especially in the 1950s would be greatly appreciated ...thank you!
2:36pm 10-31-2019
Well done!
6:45pm 10-29-2019
Loren D. Larkin
Thank you for all your gathering of history.
Loren D Larkin class if 1972 Central
4:48pm 10-26-2019
Russ Vuich
I commend you on this marvelous website! My grandfather was one of 20 men from a small village in what was Austria-Hungary (now a part of northern Serbia) who traveled to St. Joseph in, I believe, in 1903 to work in the packing houses for one year. They saved what what they could and provided it to their village upon their return. My grandfather married and returned to St. Joseph with his bride in 1905. They moved to Omaha where they lived for 40 years, eventually moving to California. I wish I knew more, but your photos really help. Thanks again! Russ Vuich
2:42am 10-23-2019
steve sipes
there was a bar called the ponderosa next to new orleans on 6th street also my mom worked there is why i rememder it .love this sight i hate urban renewal city councils have ruined this city and still are
11:08am 10-16-2019
Susan Weber
Marie Elaina Lederer Yeager, 59, passed away peacefully in Bryan, Texas on April 2, 2015.

She graduated from St. Francis Xavier Grade School in 1970 and Central High School in 1974. She married Michael Pierce Yeager on March 26, 1983 in Brazos County, Texas.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Michael; father, Frederick John "Fred" Lederer; and sister, Mary Lederer.

Survivors include her son, Michael; mother, Marie Lederer, of St. Joseph; sisters, Susan Weber, Christine Marion, Belinda Leigh, Madeleine Heastan and Rose Rutherford; brother, Fred Lederer; and a multitude of cousins, nieces and nephews.
7:50pm 10-13-2019
Joseph Frogge Sr
Grew up in St. Joe went to Lafayette. Entered AF at age seventeen and never went back. Great memories though.
10:48pm 10-08-2019
Courtney Gosvener
Found out about Lake Contrary amusement park when researching the floods in March and just now decided to look up if there were any photos. I live about 1/4 mile from lake contrary and it fascinates me how it has changed and that it used to be so popular. Thank you for the site!!! GREAT and I LOVE history!
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