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6:59am 03-30-2021
Heather Burton
I enjoyed the information and photos. I really wish it were maintained better
5:26pm 03-29-2021
Pat Waldrip
The year is recorded wrong when entered on this site
5:24pm 03-29-2021
Pat Waldrip
I was trying to find out about a hospital that I had never heard about.
I just received a copy of my birth certificate from Missouri that I haven’t seen before or heard about. I was born in St. Joseph, Mo. 02/17/1955.
It said, I was born at Mercy Osteopathic Hospital, 6707 King Hill Ave. St. Joseph, Mo, The attending Dr. Jean R. Pearson, D.O.
Thank You, in advance for your assistance.
2:16am 03-23-2021
Debbie Kamens
Fantastic history. Thank you!
1:04am 03-23-2021
Jacob Mack
Reminds me of the good ol days!! Thank you!
4:54pm 03-17-2021
Peggy A Foster
I cooked at Mary Ann's when I was a kid. @ 1984-1985. Great compilation. Thank you.
11:41am 03-15-2021
vicki mitchell
Love it. Good work
1:10pm 03-09-2021
Andy Prawitz
Love your stuff, St Joe has such a rich history and this is such a great repository. Keep up the GREAT WORK
7:37pm 02-22-2021
Logan E. Wing, III
Hi Rick,
Good job!
7:45pm 02-20-2021
Dallas Poling
This site is great. Thanks for putting this together.
10:38pm 02-12-2021
Dennis Dougall
Thanks for the memories my Dad work for Doyle Rush worked at Green hills the night of the flood.He was one o f them that climb down to get the kids out of the car.Then the Cottage Grill my aunt and Grandma Dougall work there many years.I was shocked to see the picture of me and Grandma together I thought I had the only picture which I still have .Again thanks for the memories Dennis Dougall
6:12pm 02-03-2021
Andrea Daniel
I have been doing genealogy research on my great grandfather, who lived in St Joseph from 1887 to 1911 with his wife and growing family. He is usually listed as a horse dealer and sometimes as a peddler in the City Directories of the time. I have no photos or documents. Wandering into your site was a real treat for me. Thank you from Oakland, California
2:28pm 02-01-2021
Barbara Fahs Charles
Lovely website. I am particularly interested in the carousel. Thank you for sharing. Barbara Fahs Charles
5:09pm 01-29-2021
Rudy kemmer
Love seeing the past thank you
5:50am 01-23-2021
Barent Springsted
n Memory Of Deceased Classmates This portion of your great Internet page does not show any entries for over 1 year to any class. When will it be updated. Thank you, Barent in Bangkok
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