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1:02pm 08-01-2021
john Osgood
Is this website still be actively updated. I noticed that most all sections show last updated in 2019.
7:59am 07-28-2021
Debi Wilson
Loved looking at the pics...
1:04pm 07-16-2021
julie dickerson
I truly appreciate your hard work. Thank-you. I have tons of memories from the park. I lived in St Joseph from 1958-1988. Then moved to Topeka Kansas. Nothing near as grand here. Very rare history. I wish I could afford to fix the park back to it's original granger . God bless who donates their time. Julie kay
7:27pm 07-13-2021
Dana Jackson
Hoping to visit soon.
10:29am 07-12-2021
Bethany Roberts
I love looking at these old pictures. I've lived in St. Joe since 2003, came here to attend MWSU. My family and I enjoy fishing at Krug and have had some family picnics there. I look forward to them investing in the amphitheater and having some live music and plays in the back in the near future.
8:54pm 06-30-2021
James Hernandez
I can't believe I never knew this site was around. Thanks for compiling all of this! I'm the youngest of 10 born in St. Jo, lots of memories here.
10:00am 06-23-2021
Levi Hopper
We have family that live in St Joseph and while visiting them we stopped at the park. I loved learning about the history and found myself day dreaming about what the park was like back in the day. I feel bad that it is not better kept up. I’m from South Carolina and the park really gives me a Biltmore Estate kind of feel. With some good elbow grease and TLC, this park could have some amazing potential. I really enjoyed the photos.
12:35am 05-20-2021
Jack D Lawson
I am related to a Joseph Lawson who served at Ft. Smith and died from pneumonia in May 1862. Any thoughts on where he might have been buried?
11:01pm 05-09-2021
Bruce D Enlow
I enjoyed learning about STJ rail history. Are there any rail clubs in town?
9:41pm 05-04-2021
Brandy Kline
Hello! My Dad's side of the family is from St. Joe. Just happened by while looking for photos of the Great Flood of 1903 mentioned in a family history. Nice collection here!
8:10pm 04-23-2021
Diana Hogg
I lived in St. Joseph from 1959-1969. I attended Mark Twain Elementary School & Skath Elementary School. My older brother & sister attended Central High School.
We lived on the corner of 24th St & Olive until 1965. Then moved to Juniper Lane in the Deer Park Addition. I remember walking to the corner of Olive & 22nd and getting Quik Carry Out Burgers every Wed 10 for $1.
6:59am 03-30-2021
Heather Burton
I enjoyed the information and photos. I really wish it were maintained better
5:26pm 03-29-2021
Pat Waldrip
The year is recorded wrong when entered on this site
5:24pm 03-29-2021
Pat Waldrip
I was trying to find out about a hospital that I had never heard about.
I just received a copy of my birth certificate from Missouri that I haven’t seen before or heard about. I was born in St. Joseph, Mo. 02/17/1955.
It said, I was born at Mercy Osteopathic Hospital, 6707 King Hill Ave. St. Joseph, Mo, The attending Dr. Jean R. Pearson, D.O.
Thank You, in advance for your assistance.
2:16am 03-23-2021
Debbie Kamens
Fantastic history. Thank you!
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