12:55am 08-04-2022
Keagen James Dohn
I love krug park I have been a native to st Joe for my whole life I'm 17 and wish for them to bring the old stuff back I missed out I walk up there all the time because I live so close I love it there I have German decent in me on my grandfather's side so it also excites me to hear about krug another German my ancestors it's said are of to come over before maybe the 13 colonies who knows but my grandfather is of said to of been killed over seas against the axis powers thank you for all the information
9:20pm 08-02-2022
I was surprised to see those that died in the class of 1965. When it’s time for me to go I hope to meet them again in the spirit world. There renew my acquaintances and become friends again. I am sorry they have left this earth but I know I will see them again.

Larry Eshenroder class of 1965.
7:54pm 05-30-2022
Barent Springsted
When will your Website be updates particularly with regards the the information regarding the deaths of various classes?

Than you,
Barent Springsted
9:03am 05-25-2022
Barent Springsted
What is the status of the founder of this site?
8:36am 05-20-2022
Tim Simon
Great Site! My Grandparents George and Mary Simon built a house on Maid Marion Lane off the south Belt in the 50's. and worked for Wonder Bread for 40 years. My grandpa also ran the store out at Camp Geiger for a long time. He was made Medicine Man "One Goose". He provided and helped make all the costumes for the pow wow and had a shed where he did all this at his house. I miss a lot of these places as I went to Lafeyette High, and we used to "Cruze the Belt" almost every night when we were kids. Thank you, great memories.
9:17pm 05-03-2022
Wonderful information. Thank you!
9:45am 04-22-2022
Kevin Wagers
Very informative site. Great work!
4:50pm 04-19-2022
Eric Gerard Sollars
Great Site.
3:11am 04-13-2022
Barent Springsted
I have found your Website page to be quite informative and entertaining. I particularly appreciate the page with all the pictures of now deceased high school attendees. Unfortunately there as been no update of entries for any school for the past 3 years. Is there any ongoing effort to keep this material up-to-date????
7:02pm 03-31-2022
Debby Carpenter
Beautiful Site! I'm searching for anything on Jacob Wickenhoeffer, My Great Great Grandfather. He owned Queens City Carriage Company in the late 1800's. Planning a trip soon to St. Joseph's to do family research.
10:56am 03-25-2022
Peggy Robinson
Looking for pictures of the Pony Express Rodeo's held in St. Joe 1947 thru 1957 and pictures of the All Around Cowboy that won the large trophy and belt buckles made by Crevison & Son Jewelers in St. Joe MO
4:16pm 02-25-2022
Marsha Brendle
I enjoyed it so much,seems like yesterday
4:51pm 02-22-2022
Eric Sollars
Great memories.
2:45pm 02-20-2022
Jim Cahill
Spent 1946 thru 1958 in St Joe. Someone should be shot for eliminating the
the last block of Frederick Ave. where it joined 8th St. I graduated from the
old Christian Bros. HS on Noyes Blvd. in 1554. You have created a great site.
7:52am 02-19-2022
Barent Springsted
I enjoy your Website very much. St. Joseph has always been a core part of my life even though I no longer live there. I note that entries for high school members of various high school classes stopped 3 years ago. Is there an updated Website that I can check to find more current information? Thank you ever so much, Barent in Bangkok
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