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11:59am 11-28-2020
Mary McQueen Higgins
I have look at St Joseph Memory Lane many times,. Beautiful job. and today I discovered the Central High School addition. Beautiful Job. Again many memories. Beautiful job. Also would like to give Rick D a big thank you Job wll done. May you rest in peace.
4:49am 11-27-2020
Good day to you,
7:51pm 11-26-2020
Hello and goodnight hope all is well
2:30pm 11-19-2020
Carl M Silvey
I have a small pair of bronze cowboy boots, about 2 inches tall, my Dad won them on one of the midway games for my Mom before they got married. Would have been about 1949. I remember going there as a kid.
8:18am 11-14-2020
Roy Manning
Terrific website. Came here for the trolley coach photos and found much more. Enjoyed all of the photos including the gas and diesel buses and delivery trucks. Great job.
10:18pm 10-22-2020
John Underhill
I have great memories of Krug Park. My grandfather took myself and my brother to this park when we were about 9-10 years old; this would have been in the early 1970's. I vividly recall us having a blast on the long slides, and if I recall correctly, them seemed to be in a different location than the castle area.
I could be wrong, but we had a great time playing on them. I also recall teeter-totters and a roundabout (for want of a better term)! Thanks much for providing all of your fantastic research and pictures. We still go to Krug Park for the Holiday Lights, and just to have a picnic (in fact, I was there only a week ago)! I also remember the Santa sled and reindeer on the Western Tablet Building. It was a favorite landmark, as we drove to see my aunt during Christmas visits.
5:29am 10-16-2020
Jesse r mason
I like seeing old photos of my hometown. Thank you for this page.
8:22am 09-23-2020
Lynn Lamport
May I compliment you on your extensive and very informative website full of historical information and illustrations. Having done family history for over 30 years I have recently come across a quite unexpected detail in that my husband's great grandfather came from a seemingly intrepid lot of adventurers! One of whom his brother Josiah Lamport set off from Somerset, England and settled in your city in 1860 where he left his mark (albeit somewhat dubious at times by the amazing amount of newspaper clippings I have come across) but nonetheless fascinating. Normally used to digging into records going back as far as the 1500s at times, it is great to find that a lot of the work has already been done for me! I now have to do the same for a brother who went at the same time in the opposite direction to Australia. Again many thanks. Regards Lynn Lamport
5:05am 09-23-2020
Charles Smith
City doesn't fix shit In krug park
12:53pm 09-15-2020
Janiece Gilbert Coss
My grandmother was a Methodist deaconess and worked at the Wesley House in 1917. I actually have a few documents and photos from that time and was able to identify their location by your photo of the Wesley house! Where are the archives for Wesley House? I would love to visit someday.
11:51am 09-10-2020
Sandra Witkowski
Im not from St. Joe but have moved here and always love visiting Krug Park with our granddaughters. I thank you for the History of Krug Park, I loved it. What a beautiful place it was according to the old pictures-so sad that they never kept it up. With donations you would have thought it could have been restored. Perhaps someday.
1:34am 09-04-2020
This was a wonderful trip down memory lane <3 Thank you for taking the time to make this! I wish people would share more images with you, I am sure they're out there
7:41pm 08-21-2020
Terri romero
Thanks for sharing some of your memories I enjoy them all the pictures remember me what it look like when I was younger.
7:12am 08-21-2020
Barent Springsted
The site is a great memory keeper for someone like myself who grew up in SJ to age 20. Thanks for all your work.
4:13pm 07-28-2020
Hubert B Countryman
I'm really going to miss you brother. I know you've gone to a much better place.
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