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8:27am 10-21-2016
Used to live in Savannah; thanks for the pics!
2:44pm 10-18-2016
Saint Joseph used to be really nice. I'm disappointed I never had the chance to enjoy any of it.
8:35pm 10-16-2016
I loved living in St. Joe in the mid-60's.
I am saddened that so much has changed since then.
11:29pm 10-12-2016
james d bennett
It was a crazy place to grow up in the1970s
12:57pm 10-12-2016
Donna Clayton
love this sight!
2:33am 10-09-2016
Great photos and stories! I am a grandson of Francis McCarty and son of Stephen McCarty. Francis worked at Swift & Co. in 1948. Thank you for letting me into your little neck of the woods. -Chad
7:50pm 10-06-2016
Richard Webb
Sign in please
11:26pm 09-30-2016
Beverly Walley
Thank you for the info on the old Benton High School. I am doing geneology and needed this for my Dad. My Dad was Elmer Barton, shop teacher at Bliss Jr High. A picture was submitted of him. He also taught at Central High, Hillyards Tech School.
3:50pm 09-29-2016
Ken overbaugh
my grandmother lived in the west Bottoms in kansas city ks. 1951 flood
1:53pm 09-20-2016
Jimmy Allen
Love this site. So many memories. I worked for Missouri Pacific Railroad in the early 70's in the South end. Grain companies, stock yards, and industries on Lower Lake Road were thriving at the time. Man how times have changed.
12:09pm 09-20-2016
Jamie Phelps
Great website. I am a decendant of Joseph Robidoux and will be visiting the area for the first time soon. Looking forward to it!
5:23pm 09-17-2016
Jordan Fueston
My grandfather Chester B. Fueston worked as a host let's helper, then finally mechanic at the CB&Q roundhouse from 1928 until his retirement in 1972, 44 yrs for the same company. Unheard of these days. Very nice site. Thank you.
12:11am 09-13-2016
Jerry Carpenter
Great website. Brought back some wonderful memories.
5:48pm 09-09-2016
Irene Walker
Enjoyed the website, thank you for creating it.
8:11pm 09-04-2016
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