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12:34pm 07-23-2019
Edmund Chandlee
Thank you for putting this page together. If you have any pictures or Ads of the Chandlee Paint and Glass Company it would be great to see them.

Thank you.

Edmund Chandlee
2:09pm 07-04-2019
Michael Brumback
Thank you for putting this all together. It amazes me that growing up in the South End from 1975-1994 before leaving the area to serve in the Air Force nobody ever spoke of the grand spectacle Lake Contrary used to be. Of course the lake was still very popular in the 70s-80s as far as swimming and boating but not like this! I've been gone from St Joe going on 3 decades and I still keep myself up to date on the goings-on and he one constant I continue seeing is how bad the city is with recognizing its historical gems and how quickly it always seems to allow those gems to be raized and erased instead of protected. This area was filled with joy and happiness and is now nothing but trailer parks and industrial buildings. Very sad.
11:16am 06-15-2019
JB Symon Redington
Thanks Rick for doing all this! Amazing the history that I grew up with and didn't really know (or care) about then! My house at 1617 S. 20th looks like it's still in good shape after we sold it in 1992. Poor Judge Jake Neighbors house looks like it's about ready to fall down! Such a shame - it was sooooooooo beautiful inside & out (over 10,000 sq. ft.).
12:40am 06-04-2019
My fathers was from St Joseph, Mo. He went to school at Floyd School, not sure of years but it would of been in the 1930's, he was born in 1925. I was told by my Aunt Cela Schuch, Melbourn that him and 2 other boys drew a large pencil drawing of the Missouri River bridge. She also said that in hung in the hall way of the school for several years. am trying to find some info as to what happened to it. My fathers name was William Schuch, and one of the other boys name was Clarence Black. I am not sure about the third boy. I would appreciate any info you might be able to find on this. Lessa Schuch White.
11:17am 06-02-2019
Cudos to your wonderful website! I love the history of old St Joe and this website captures it wonderfully. The photos are fantastic! So much to see and take in. Thank you!
10:55am 05-29-2019
Ron Garcia
It is quite remarkable what you have completed here, great memories for me to revisit... Thank you so much for your work so we can turn the pages on yester year in Joe town...... God Bless
9:53pm 05-25-2019
Casandra Richardson
Awesome website on history of our city. My dad loves old history of our town. I'm gonna have to tell him about this website its pretty cool!
9:50pm 05-25-2019
Hi this is pretty cool. Just found out about this website this is amazing! I'm definitely gonna have to shared this website to my dad, he loves history on our city.
11:21am 05-09-2019
Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful History. I love Saint Joseph!
2:49am 05-06-2019
My grandfather worked at Clint Coons Pontiac in the 1950s. Thanks to your site, I was able to find the address and that the building is still standing. Thank you from Nevada!
11:00am 04-23-2019
Robert R Talley
My uncle Bartlett Brown and his dance partner Charlotte Bemis had a vaudeville act, Bemis and Brown Dancing Comedians from 1926-1933. He was born in St. Joseph in 1905, so I'm sure he must have performed in at least one theater in his hometown during his national tours. Is it possible to learn which vaudeville theater(s) in St. Joseph he might have performed in?
1:24am 03-30-2019
Lola M Kunkle
Great pictures of the history of our city's flooding thank you for sharing.
8:22pm 03-26-2019
James Paul Eiman
My dad managed the Wade's Indian Grill before 1962 which was the year of his untimely death. Several years later my mother married the man that took over managing Wade's who subsequently loved us and raised us to adulthood. He managed Wade's until about 1968 when he was recruited by Howard Johnson's restaurant and relocated to Southern California.
4:40pm 03-21-2019
The photos from the 1993 flood, 17-26, cannot have been from the 1993 flood. The nature trail and gazebo were not built at that time.
I actually currently live in St. Joe, just off of 5th avenue by the GreenHills there, and my whole family have lived in St. Joe for several decades.
9:54am 03-21-2019
Born in St. Joseph in 1940 lived there until 1964 love the pictures that bring back lots of memories particularly of the 1952 flood that was so devastating.
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