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12:53am 03-21-2019
Thanks for the history.
2:20pm 03-17-2019
Fred Leighton
I lived in St. Joseph for a short time in 1964. I was 16 years old at the time. I performed at the Player's cocktail lounge with a band called the "Coachmen" prior to the house guys the "Dynatones" Phil on B3 organ and Bobby on drums. I will send you a pic of the band and a couple of newspaper clippings.
Fred Leighton
6:31pm 03-14-2019
Rick Drozd
Carol Wright, people have to leave their email address, no other way to get in touch with people who leave comments here
1:10pm 03-14-2019
Carol Wright
how do I get in touch with someone on your guestbook? I, too went to Horace Mann & Central High Schools in St joe
2:53pm 03-13-2019
I am a former St Jo kid. Thanks for the memories!
11:11am 03-12-2019
I always enjoy thumbing through this page.
3:03pm 03-09-2019
Leigh Coffman
I enjoyed your site and seeing some of St. Joseph's History
12:22am 03-06-2019
Mika Rackley nee Nas
Just started perusing this site. I grew up here and have very fond memories.
Going to visit this May to show my daughter where I grew up. My father and uncle were part owners in the NashRhodes Department Store. I saw a matchbook cover image on your site, very fun
4:04pm 03-01-2019
Terry Elwell
Enjoy looking at this site. I went to Horace Mann junior high & Central HS.
I left Saint Joe in the mid 1960s.
Col. Terry W. Elwell BS,RN(Ret)
1:44pm 02-13-2019
1960 Convent of the Sacred Heart Classmate

On February 14, 2018 Mary Ann Kneib-Sadler passed away at her home. She had been diagnosed with cancer and been fighting a brave battle for a number of years.

Born February 4, 1942 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Mary Ann attended Immaculate Conception catholic school and graduated in 1960 from the Convent of the Sacred Heart high school in St. Joseph. She attended Clark College in Dubuque, Iowa and received her undergraduate degree from Northwest Missouri State College and her Masters in Education from University of Missouri, Kansas City. Later in her career she earned a librarian certificate to follow her lifelong aspiration to teach children and adults the value of reading.

During her career as an educator, Mary Ann taught at Webster Elementary School. Early in the 80’s she worked to develop the gifted and talented program at the school district. This opened the doors for her to become principal of Noyes and Parkway schools in St. Joseph. She devoted her talents to the MSTA and her favorite Delta Kappa Gamma teaching organizations.

She moved to Kansas City, Missouri in late the nineties to become principal at St. Monica’s catholic elementary school.

After retiring from school administration Mary Ann began a second career as head librarian. She was librarian at Quindaro and William Allen White elementary schools in Kansas City, KS. After retiring as a public school librarian, she worked at the Mid-Continent Library in Platte City, MO. Mary Ann created reading programs for the students, bringing books to life in so many ways. She inspired many families to enjoy reading.

What made Mary Ann special to all who came in contact with her was her open heart, her smile, her vivid and lively imagination, her willingness to stand up for all children and her ability to see joy and love even in the face of adversity. Someone recently said so aptly, “joy is not the lack of suffering or fear, and it’s how you choose to handle suffering and fear.”

Integral to Mary Ann was her faith. Mary Ann was a devoted Catholic in the true definition of Catholicism. She was faithful, generous of spirit and heart, open to all she met, giving of herself to God and others above all else.

Mary Ann had a wonderful sense of humor that shone with family and students. She truly believed learning need not be dull. One time as a principal, Mary Ann bet her students on the number of books they would read. Guess what, she lost. So she climbed up to the roof of the school and read a book to the entire student and faculty population. She never bet against her students again!

Mary Ann’s heart was golden, early in her career her sons would often be missing an outgrown winter coat, gloves and boots which she would give to her students in the winter for outdoor recess or make it home.

It was said if she ever returned all her books to the library at once they would have to hire additional staff.

Mary Ann loved spending time with her grandchildren. She cheered for them often. She may have set a new record for grandparent attendance at child sporting events.

In her retirement Mary Ann was able to travel the world to visit her peripatetic daughter and son-in-law and their children. She saw much of Germany, spent time in her mother’s home country of Luxembourg, visited Singapore and Moscow.

Mary Ann didn’t slow down in retirement. Twelve Apostles Catholic Church was the recipient of her love, time and talents. Recently she worked with Mercy in Motion group knitting prayer shawls. If there was a skipped stitch now and then, she would say, “those holes allow the Holy Spirit to shine through.”

Her devotion led her to the parish council. Mary Ann’s love for reading and faith guided her to the Bible study classes, Adult Formation classes, Women’s Group and Helping Angels. She was counted on to assist in all the church’s events, even dressing as a bunny during the Easter festival.

Mary Ann was the matriarch of a family of four children and created a home where all were welcome and loved. She is survived by sons Richard, wife Jill, their sons Christopher and Carson of St. Joseph, Roger Sadler of Platte City and Michael with his wife Barbie are care givers of Lacee and Erin of St. Joseph. Daughter Anna is currently living in Singapore with her husband, Felix Frie. Their children are Augusta and Hans. She is also survived by her brother Joseph, resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Jan. Lastly, Elsa, her beloved cat survived her as well.
8:18pm 02-07-2019
I only lived in St. Joe for two years while attending Mo Western, 1971-1973, but I’m fascinated with the history here. I’ve returned numerous times to visit and would love to come again since there’s so much I’ve missed. Thank you for this site!
9:35am 01-29-2019
Brent Barnes
looking for information of a whirla whip that was there in St joseph, Mo in 1955 but no know address, I have a picture there was a water tower in the back ground, any information would be helpful, thanks Brent
12:46pm 01-24-2019
You have a section for the Convent of the Sacred Heart class of 1962. There was not a Convent class after 1960, the last year of the Convent.
10:57am 01-24-2019
looking for any maps
Rail roads and yards circa 1950 ..doing model train lay outand wish to use saint joe yards in my lay out
1:40pm 01-15-2019
Jim Cahill
Many good memories. My dad was transferred here in 1946, and my parents stayed until 1959. Every time I visit St. Joe now I find another factory has closed. Sadly, the population is the same as when I came as a small boy in '46. Excellent site.
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