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6:50pm 12-20-2017
David Hanson
Hi! I loved running into this site. Back in the day, my family used to come to St. Joseph frequently to visit my grandmother and take her shopping, so we spent a lot of time at East Hills Mall! But the best treat was the arcade next to Dunkin Donuts on Frederick. I wish I could remember the name! If anyone has any pics to post to this site, I would love to see them!
1:40pm 12-14-2017
Mike Burkert
Love this site. It re-connects me with old St. Joe, where I grew up. Hoping to make contact with my old classmates, Central High Class of 1968.
6:47pm 12-09-2017
Gary Blisard
Any and all who visit this site please check out the Sig Smith Flying Circus poster, recently posted by Rick in the Lake Contrary section. Sig Smith and my wife's great aunt Babe (Jenkins) Smith, (well known parachutist) resided in the St Joseph area back in the 1930's. I am hoping with this post that someone might remember anything about Sig or Sigmund back in the 1930's or later. I know this was some time ago but maybe someone remembers seeing something or reading something about him. I sure would love to know his whereabouts.
3:00pm 12-06-2017
Glenn Smith
Hello, Max Guenther suggested I contact you. I am currently president of the Jefferson Highway Association. They moved to St. Joseph in 1918 and had headquarters there in several locations over the next several years. Take a look at the Jefferson Highway face-book page, and their web-page at
3:43pm 12-04-2017
Mike Burkert
I'm so glad that this site exists, but was saddening to see many of my old friends from growing-up in St Joe, have passed on. Thank you and please update as necessary.
10:06am 11-24-2017
Carey Pearson
Thank you....nicely done. I bought and turned a home at 13th and Charles back into a single family home as was built. My investigation led me to understand it was (the home) built in 1860s by the Marchaine family from France. The details I discovered revealed that he, Francois, was an aquaintance of Joseph Roubidoux, owned and operated a confectionery in St Joseph. He and his family are buried in St Joseph. I wrote a letter to Orleans France (the Mayor), since this was where his obituary showed he was born and raised, to see if they could elighten me of any details. The Mayors office wrote back (in French) so I went to the main Library and someone there interrupted the letter. The Mayor said that when the Nazi’s went through Orleans they made a large bonfire in the town square of all municipal records, so Orleans written history pre 1940 is gone.
Anyway, I could never locate the Marchaine family confectionary address. It must have done well as the family seemed without need.
The home is still standing and occupied. It is the stucco covered brick two story home on the northwest corner. The 6’ iron fence is not original. I purchased itin the 1970’s from a Quaker Oats remodel and put it up at this home.
thanks for listening,
Carey Pearson
8:41am 11-18-2017
Barent Springsted
Left SJ many many years ago but it will always be an integral part of my memory bank for the first 21 years of my life. Your page jogs many corners of my mind and my formative years in that city. Thanks for maintaining this great focal point on St. Joseph and its place in history. Job very well done. Barent Springsted, Bangkok, THAILAND
6:18pm 11-16-2017
Sophie Dawson
Writing a novel set in St. Joe in 1910. Your site has helped in my research immensely.
5:37pm 11-06-2017
Jeri Littlejohn
Fantastic website! Really enjoyed the pictures. Lived in the St. Joe vicinity in late 50's to early 60's.
9:23am 11-06-2017
Clarence Albert
good to see north end. a lot to remember. I owned northwest lumber co. from 1971 to 1996, 25 years there were many changes. Also owned part of the light and power car barns, the large building on the south side of highland. It is now a new car wash. Clarence Albert
10:32am 10-13-2017
krug was beautiful.
7:23pm 10-10-2017
I realize that old people like my grandparents have experienced a lot of change
2:20pm 10-06-2017
Mike Macey
Rick, St. Joseph Memory Lane brings back so many memories from the early 50's when I was old enough to attend the annual Easter Egg hunt. I remember the smell of grills on hot and humid summer nights, kids yelling and always hide-n-seek. I loved the long hill slides in front of the small wading pond and hiking around the park. Loved all your pics of Krug Park. I had dinner in the old Krug Home on Pine Ridge several years ago; it is an absolutely beautiful home inside. The woodwork on the grand stair case is mouth dropping. Thanks again Rick!!
12:34pm 10-06-2017
great site I am interested in anything associated with my Grandfather's dairy
11:48am 09-18-2017
Greg Wain
Awesome site...I grew up in St Joe, love to look at all the old pics...reminds me of my family and my history there from 1958 until 1977 when I graduated from Central.
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