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4:16pm 01-14-2017
Michael Scott
I have a measuring vial with the name of PIERCE'S DRUG STORE 24TH & OLIVE. Any idea when they existed?
3:46pm 01-08-2017
Cindy Jones
Very nice. If you have any information on a house 3015 Messanie Street, I would love to know about. It is not historical, but would love to know more about the land and maybe changes to the house. Thank you.
9:32am 01-08-2017
Ken Bridwell
Such a great website and job well done. I remember almost all of our deceased classmates, and the pictures sparked lots of good memories. Thanks for doing this.
4:38pm 01-06-2017
Mary/Gary Swymeler
Wonderful web site, thank you for the hard work!
4:35pm 01-06-2017
Mary/Gary Swymeler
Wonderful web site, thank you for the hard work!
2:30pm 01-06-2017
Alan Smith
Very thought-provoking photos. I lived in St. Jo from 1948 through 1978, and am now in Illinois. Thanks for the memories. Several of those old buildings had character.
10:29pm 12-29-2016
I left St. Joseph in 1955 but have visited there many many times over the years, and it was always so sad to see that many of the wonderful buildings were gone to make way for parking lots. Businesses closed
downtown and moved to the shopping center. Theatres closed and only open for certain events. I graduated from Central. I worked at the Mo. Theatre and the Park Bank. It has been a sad journey down memory lane. Edith
9:07am 12-29-2016
Bill Bridwell
11:20pm 12-19-2016
Dave Hummell
My Grandparents ran a motel in Elwood Ks back in the early to mid 70's. I thought it was called the Pony Express Motel. It was near the bridge on the North side of the Highway on the Kansas Side. I wonder if I have the name wrong. So long ago. Thank you for your interesting website!
11:42am 12-17-2016
Graduate of Lindbergh 1964. I so enjoy your website and FB posts. Thank you!!!!!
11:57am 12-10-2016
Dawn& Ricky Ray
thank you for your time and dedication to the past. We have come across a lot of our family history, and greatly appreciate your research.
Dawn and Ricky Ray
5:08pm 12-02-2016
tom fanning
any history of the "bank of north st. joseph @ 1928 st. joseph ave."?
12:32pm 11-29-2016
This is amazing, so much history. I just wish that people would understand that these are the things we need to preserve.
4:56am 11-27-2016
Ashtin Ulrich
I love this page! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put together such wonderful history of our city!
7:45pm 11-26-2016
Josh stains
Grewvup in goose town thanx for the history, )
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