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2:19am 08-14-2018
WOW what a great site. I have many relatives that live in St Joe - Hummer surname. I was born in St Joe and lived there until kindergarden. I still have memories of many of the places you show. I will come back as i get time. I also may have dome pictures of the Hummer Grocery on 402 Missouri. That store was operated by my Grandfather Louis Hummer. Thank you very much
Vince hummer
10:55pm 08-11-2018
Nicki Ruoff Stone
This is so sad!, my dear friends! I pray you are with my Lord and savior, Jesus! God's richest blessings for you and those you love. 8-11-18
3:21pm 08-11-2018
Catherine Winston
I really enjoyed looking at the photos of old. I am from Ireland and one of my distant relatives settled in St Josephs in 1870/80. He owned a Saloon/Grocery Bar. I would be grateful if you could tell me how i could go find out where he might have had his business?. His Name was Thomas Winston and i know he lived on Faraon Street. Thank you for any help you can give
Kind Regards
Catherine Winston
10:39pm 08-07-2018
Michael Murphy
This is a great site. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to gathering and posting this information about the history of our city.
10:03pm 07-12-2018
Learned tonight that Shirley Glenn, Central class of 1968 passed away either today or yesterday from cancer.
12:55pm 07-05-2018
Don Derington
St Joe native & Central grad here, but left the city in 1981.
Just happened to stumble across this website and even though I was in the class of '61 saw lots of old friends in the '60 class here and sorry to see so many have left us.
Whoever put the site together, good job and thanks !
3:16pm 06-21-2018
Eric Rubidoux
I am researching my family history. I belieave Joseph Robidoux is one of my ancestors.
3:16pm 06-15-2018
Ron Baldwin
Fun Looking back at St Joe Class Mates and Friends, I shared several as close friends through out the years. I actually graduated from Lafayette, class of 58. Long story but I left Central in 1957. I have three sons and 5 grandchildren, I moved to Kansas City where I established a Real Estate career for the past 50 years, I still go to work everyday. I hope I am invited to the 57-58 year reunion at Central, I would love to see some old Class Mates and share some memories.
6:53am 06-12-2018
Susan Bressman
Love looking at memories of the good days of St. Joseph.
4:47pm 06-04-2018
Paula Esely-Kohlman
I lived in Savannah until I was ten and we spent alot of time in St. Joe. It is amazing to look at pictures of buildin
gs that are no longer there, but I have such great memories of!
10:37pm 05-30-2018
jim mclaughlin
Great website on st joe history
4:22pm 05-27-2018
Everett Vaughn
Thank you for letting me explore your site. I was born in St. Joe in 1928 and we moved when I was 6 yrs. old. My Grandfather worked at Mc Donald Mfg. in 1918 and my father worked at Anchor Ser. in 1928. We moved out west and I have no memories of St. Joe.
11:54pm 05-25-2018
Jim Talley
Enjoyed learning a bit more about Schrieber Mills. My grandfather sold feed for the Schriebers in Kansas and they lived in St. Joe temporarily around the time of WW-II.
1:46pm 05-14-2018
Many many happy memories of Wesley House while growing up in the early 60's. Dance parties, cooking classes, arts and crafts, sleepovers, playing in the gym and in high school Sigma Zeta Tau Sorority. Thanks for the memories and the history!
3:06am 05-13-2018
David Veasey
am researching historic buildings and vehicles for a model railroad.
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