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11:20pm 05-07-2018
mike pinzino
our family grew up here, I remember going to my dads and uncle otto wholsale meats when we were kids, cant find any pics of their place, would like a copy of #3 pic on urban renewal 2nd street page, it has a partial of their old place, let me know what I need to do, thank u so much for the memories!
1:12pm 04-24-2018
Mike Kuhn
I lived in St. Joe from 1976 to 1980, then moved back to Topeka. At the time I was living in St. Joe, I did not appreciate it like I do now. I was a salesman working for Uarco. I replaced a salesman, Paul Findley, who had been their salesman for 34 years, retiring in 1976. He maintained an office in the Brown Transfer building all those years. We became close friends. Other friends were Jon Gouge, Wyeth Co., Chuck Dorssom, Hillyard Chemical, Carroll Hicks, News Press and Gazette, and one of my closest friends, someone many knew, Ron Davison, RD, my barber. RD was a super barber and a good friend to me during those years. I have been back to St. Joe many times since I left, and have some good memories from living there.

Great website, thanks for all the hard work in maintaining.
9:24am 04-21-2018
Eric Sollars
Great site. My brother is a member of the 1968 class. Great memories.
11:53am 04-19-2018
Love your site. Loved the amusement park as a child. great memories
12:22pm 04-16-2018
Reva Fields
Just want to tell you that I have enjoyed your site for many years. It is awesome! This is such wonderful way to preserve the history of St. Joseph. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Reva J. Fields
9:23am 04-06-2018
Mike Burkert
The entire Website of St. Joe Memories is wonderful. I am a bit sad, however, when I review the names and photos of the Central HS Class of 1968, who are no longer with us. Even though it's been 50 years, since we all went our separate ways, it seems to me, like only yesterday! Every time I visit St. Joe, go down the street I lived on, I get a little nostalgic. What happened to our wonderful city? Downtown once was a marvel to me. We could ride the bus anywhere and did! Sadly, it's now just a faded memory.
12:35am 03-27-2018
Bill Landis
A great collection of information and photos! I am using this material to help me design and and build my HO model of the Chicago Great Western Railroad between Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, MO. My model of the St. Joseph area occupies an area 110 to 115-feet long by 24-inches wide which allows me to model many of main buildings and structures that bordered the CGW's route thru town.
Thank you!
Bill Landis
7:47pm 03-26-2018
John Wubbel
Very nicely done web site for historical research on railroads of the past. Would also be interest in more CGW photos too. Thank you. JW
1:42pm 03-24-2018
thomas cobb
Our business, Acme Music and Vending Co. is celebrating our 80th year in business in St. Joseph. My parents, Walter and Margaret Cobb started Acme in 1938. In 1948 they moved to 1410 Olive, just below my parents apartment complex at 901 South 14th. We built a new building at 1701 Olive in 1974, remaining there until 1998. We then purchased the old Polsky building on Frederick Ave., where we remain today. Both former business locations buildings still stand today. Thank you. Thomas Cobb
3:18pm 03-21-2018
Gayle pummel
12:27pm 03-21-2018
Martin B
This is a great web site. Great source for an armchair historical researcher to plot how and why St. Joe developed. It seems like each time I access this site something new (or old, lol) has been added.
7:04pm 03-09-2018
Really enjoyed the carnival picts.,have any more? I knew Sonny Myers, andRex Brown. Thanks for posting.alvin
8:57pm 02-28-2018
don morris
Enjoyed all the articles. To Michelle. Mom was a waitress at silver lake. Somewhere I have pics of the lake. Don
8:10am 02-27-2018
would love to find someone that has an actual picture of Silver Lake on hwy 6 back in the 1930's ~ my grandfather ran it and am doing some research
8:28am 02-25-2018
brent archdekin
Interesting site, it would be cool if you would have search bar to locate a particular hotel, people, boarding house, etc.
Brent Archdekin
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