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10:32am 10-13-2017
krug was beautiful.
7:23pm 10-10-2017
I realize that old people like my grandparents have experienced a lot of change
2:20pm 10-06-2017
Rick, St. Joseph Memory Lane brings back so many memories from the early 50's when I was old enough to attend the annual Easter Egg hunt. I remember the smell of grills on hot and humid summer nights, kids yelling and always hide-n-seek. I loved the long hill slides in front of the small wading pond and hiking around the park. Loved all your pics of Krug Park. I had dinner in the old Krug Home on Pine Ridge several years ago; it is an absolutely beautiful home inside. The woodwork on the grand stair case is mouth dropping. Thanks again Rick!!
12:34pm 10-06-2017
great site I am interested in anything associated with my Grandfather's dairy
11:48am 09-18-2017
Awesome site...I grew up in St Joe, love to look at all the old pics...reminds me of my family and my history there from 1958 until 1977 when I graduated from Central.
10:28am 09-16-2017
doug groce
very nice site
3:39pm 09-14-2017
This is a wonderful site. So much work has gone into it. I am looking for a poster or news article or advertisement about the Midwest Musical Festival, held at the City Auditorium. It was a three day event. Around Labor Day weekend, in the year 1971 or 1972. I didn't find anything yet. Only about the wrestling at auditorium. I love your site! It's amazing and could spend hours in it just looking at my home town St. Joseph. Thank you so much for your work!
1:44am 09-02-2017
My Grand ma was a school teacher in St. Joe Mo. Grade school or kindergarden I think ? South of town I think? Please help me find out. Her name was Mrs. Lawerence Howell. [ Crystal] 1950 to 1960's era?
12:20am 09-01-2017
The Edmond Street Power Plant was located along the Missouri River north of the St. Joe & Grand Island bridge and the southern end of Elwood Bend. The Edmond Street Power Plant was the St. Joseph Light & Power Company's main power plant prior to construction of the Lake Road Generating Station. Sources: 1950 and 1952 Annual Reports of the St. Joseph Light and Power Company.
1:25pm 08-31-2017
I love this site and appreciate the work that has gone into producing it. I grew up in St. Joe in the 60's and went to Edison School and then Central High School. I used to ride my bike out to the Jesse James Motel, on the Belt Highway to play and look the old home over. Never got to see the inside. My first job was working at the BELT Drive-In Theater in 1966. I loved St. Joe and was fortunate to live there. My first love was my High School Sweetheart. She still is after 50 years.

Raised in St. Joe
Live in Texas today.
4:33pm 08-24-2017
Nice site. Glad you had adequate back up Central '61
12:16am 08-22-2017
Great site for memory lane for a former resident of SJ.
6:12pm 08-11-2017
Thank you for this site. I was able to remember when horace mann middles year it your work.

Patty Bowers
Born and raised in st.joe
Live in louisville ky now
4:24pm 08-08-2017
Steve Stadler
Many memories of living on 17th St. just north of Olive.
8:15pm 08-06-2017
Thank you for all the work!
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