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12:16am 08-22-2017
Great site for memory lane for a former resident of SJ.
6:12pm 08-11-2017
Thank you for this site. I was able to remember when horace mann middles year it your work.

Patty Bowers
Born and raised in st.joe
Live in louisville ky now
4:24pm 08-08-2017
Steve Stadler
Many memories of living on 17th St. just north of Olive.
8:15pm 08-06-2017
Thank you for all the work!
10:28am 08-02-2017
St Joseph was my home until I married in 1963. I attended St Francis grade school and was in the last graduating class of the Convent of the Sacred Heart in 1960. Wonderful memories. Thank you for creating this wonderful web site.
10:54pm 08-01-2017
I'm doing a historical fiction piece for class, these will be great resources- wonderful work!
2:47pm 07-22-2017
I was born in st Joseph hospital at 10th and Powel in 1940. Have not seen a picture of it until this web site.
10:20pm 07-12-2017
What happened to the deceased classmate pages
5:42am 07-04-2017
Very nice site. I used to work at Shanin's back in the late 60's & early 70's.
5:34pm 06-30-2017
Brings back a lot of memories. A lot of my classmates that I never knew had passed on. May they all RIP.
10:13pm 06-20-2017
Mary Garrison
Really enjoyed this website. I've lived here all my life (68) yrs. Enjoyed going back in time. Thank you!
3:41pm 06-19-2017
Miss so many of the wonderful restaurants that have closed.
Benny Magoons, Tick Tock, Murphy's, Edgewood. Then the bakeries: Bee Wayne's and Bradley's donuts.
2:33pm 06-18-2017
ST. Joseph has a lot of history buried by liberals.
2:20pm 06-18-2017
where's the history on fire station 7#????????
5:09pm 05-27-2017
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