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5:06am 05-22-2017
Very Interesting .Thank you for preserving this information .
I was born in St. Joe & raised in the Atchison. I remember a lot from the 1950`s and time changes everything but its always good to look back to the past.
9:15pm 05-12-2017
Thanks for the site and all of the work associated with it. We are planning a Central High School reunion and the listing of diseased classmates was helpful- sad but helpful. What a tribute to our town.
1:44pm 05-02-2017
St. Joe was my home until after high school. I lived near the old Frog Hop Ballroom and went to Central High. Sad, that downtown is nothing like it was. We could ride the bus to downtown, shop and see a movie and eat at Maid Rite! I worked at the Belt Drive-In Theater after school for two years. This is a great website. Thanks.
3:07pm 04-28-2017
St. Joe was my home town from 1933 until I entered military service in 1942. Lake Contry was then in great condition and we enjoyed the Sunday evening dances.
1:47pm 04-25-2017
Great site. I enjoy seeing all the old pictures and places. Really Really Cool!
2:53pm 04-23-2017
VERY cool site. Thank you for all this work. I really enjoyed the photos with descriptions!
11:56pm 04-02-2017
Great job!! What a walk through St. Joe's history. Thank you!
12:20pm 04-02-2017
This is so amazing. Thank You..Also I worked the front desk
at the same time you worked the Robidoux Hotel. I loved it.
11:54pm 03-31-2017
shelly thompson
love the look back in time .wish we had something like this to wake up this sleepy town now.
12:02pm 03-24-2017
Hey Rodney, Croteau & Smith Tavern or Saloon was located at 328 Edmond
Street in 1901-1912. Croteau is a french first name I think you pronounce it as Crow-tow, don't bank on that.
6:28pm 03-20-2017
Os there a way to make an overlay of then and now?
12:39am 03-19-2017
Some friends and I were cruising down memory lane recently, and one of them mentioned a store named "Putters". I remember hearing the name but none of us could recall where it was located or what they sold. Do you have any info on this?
9:24pm 03-12-2017
Pat Gill Nelson
This is amazing..Brought back so many memories.
9:22pm 03-12-2017
Pat Gill Nelson
This is amazing..Brought back so many memories. I worked at the Hotel Rubidoux in the late 50s, my wedding reception was held there. I remember Les Leighti and Jack Miller and the whole crowd.
10:26pm 03-09-2017
It is very sad that the city has not done more to save and keep up the old buildings in this historic town. St Joe was the true gateway to the west and should reflect that.
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